Paper Suitcase Template and Tutorial

Paper Suitcase

Paper Chaser TO here! Are you going on a trip? Get that passport ready! This suitcase is very easy to make. This free paper crafting template can be made of any paper you wish and can be customized to look a certain way to your liking of the suitcase. This is a sweet gift you can give your husband or you can have the kids give it to their daddy. Enjoy! 

Table of Contents:

Materials Needed:

  • Suitcase Template
  • Coloured Cardstock
  • Glue
  • Score Tool
  • Scissor

Video Tutorial:

Written Instruction:

Step 1

Print out your suitcase template, cut, score, and folded.

Double fold this score line so the suitcase bag closes easier. 

Step 2

Glue the top base tab to the bottom base tab.

Step 3

Cut out the strap handle or handle as well as the corners for the suitcase.

If you decide to use just the handle, you can just glue the handle on to the back of the briefcase.

If you decide to use the handle strap, glue the handle on first to the back.

Then fold over the strap and glue the bottom portion to the briefcase.

Step 4

Now glue on the corners of the paper suitcase.

Step 5

Finish off by gluing the bottom base tabs to the top base tabs.

Do it for the other side of your paper suitcase.

Step 6

Finally, glue on the securing tabs for the briefcase.

 Do the other side as well.

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