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Paper School Bag Template and Tutorial

This is an easy school paper backpack that we created here at Paper Chaser TO. In this tutorial I show you how to make this school paper backpack with paper you have at home. You can make these for your kindergarten graduates or for kids to go back to school. This can be a great activity to do with your children and give as a gift. This is a free paper crafting template that you can print off and do arts and crafts at home. I hope you enjoy.

Table of Contents:

Materials Needed:

Video Tutorial:

Written Instruction:

Step 1

Print out your school backpack template, cut, score, and fold.

Double fold this score line will. It will allow the school bag to close easier.

Step 2

Take the top base and glue it to the bottom base.

Once glued, line up the top base and the bottom base and stick together.

Step 3

Glue the bottom bases left and right tabs.

Fold the bottom base in half and attach the glued bottom tabs to the top tabs

Glue the inner tabs down inside the bag for more structure support.

Step 4

If your paper is double sided you can skip this step.

Take the backpack strap and glue the handle on the blank side.

Glue the handle and strap on to the bag.

Fold over and glue the strap on to the bag.

Step 5

Finally, glue on the pockets.