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Wiggling Toes Card

Enjoy this interactive card DIY made with easy and simple mechanics. Print ready files and SVG provided.

Table of Contents:

Materials Needed:

Video Tutorial:

Written Tutorial:

Step 1

Print and cut your template on desired cardstock. Cut on solid black lines and score/crease on dashed red lines.

Align the centre hole of piece A with the bottom hole of piece B. Secure with a brad.

Step 2

Align hole on piece C to centre hole of piece B. Secure with a brad. Ensure piece A is sandwiched between pieces B and C

Step 3

Take pieces D and secure to holes on piece A. Ensure pieces D are on the front side of piece C. Repeat for both sides. Push and pull the feet side to side to test the mechanism.

Step 4

Cover the brads on pieces D with piece E.

Step 5

Take the card base and fold in half. Glue the assembly to the card base. Only place glue where indicated. Attach card base to the back of the assembly

Decorate with colours and a string for the tail

Happy Crafting