egg surprise card template
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Egg Surprise Card Template and Tutorial

Here is another free crafting template from Paper Chaser TO. This isn’t the typical egg surprise but it still puts in the same WOW factor.  Paired with the basket envelope, stay on brand this Easter holiday.  Each component is great on its own, the card could be gifted alone and the basket envelope could be made to stuff candies and other treats. Top this all off by combining it with another one of our free templates, Paper Tail Bow.

Table of Contents:

Materials Needed:

Video Tutorial:

Written Instruction:

Print/cut out the template onto cardstock of your choice. Cut on solid lines and score on dashed lines.

Z-fold piece A on both sides of the square centre.

Apply glue to 1 of the flaps of piece A, press piece B2 on top. Align the bottom of zigzag cut to the top of the flap.

Apply glue to the other flap, minding the area that piece B2 overlays.  Press piece B1 onto the flap, aligning the zigzag cut of B2.

Turn the card over and glue piece C2 to the bottom of B2.

Glue piece C1 to the top of B1.

Take a 6″ square of tissue/crepe paper and fold twice over – do not align corners.

Tape to piece D

Fold and glue the basket into place.

Glue piece D to piece E

Use the free paper tail bow template to make a bow and glue to the top handle of the basket

Decorate your egg

Place the egg into the basket and give it to someone you love.

Happy Crafting!