Dress Shirt Tie Greeting Card
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Dress Shirt Tie Greeting Card Template and Tutorial

This is how you make a dress shirt tie or bow greeting card. Use a Paper Chaser TO printable template or SVG cut file to make the perfect shirt, bow and tie each and every time.

A shirt card is simple to make and quick to impress your family and friends. This is the perfect card to whip together for Father’s Day which is only a week away.

The templates give you the option to make 5 different variations of this card. You can fit a picture and a message inside the card.

Table of Contents:

Video Tutorial:

Materials Needed:

Written Instruction:

Step 1

Print off your t-shirt card template and choose the colours you want your shirt to be.

Lay the coloured paper on the shape you want it to be and cut it out. You should have something that looks like this.

Step 2

Score the grey lines on the template so it is easier for you to fold.

Step 3

Take your glue and dimensionals and get ready to glue on the tie or bow, sleeves, and pocket.

Glue the sleeves on with corresponding side.

If you do not have dimensionals regular glue is fine as well. Glue on the pocket on the side you want.

Glue only the top triangle part of the tie. Start at the top center of the card and stick it down the middle of the shirt.

Step 4

If you want to glue down the collars in place, you can put dimensionals or adhesive on the corner spot of the collars.

If you want to glue down the bow tie, you can put dimensionals or adhesive on each side of the tie and glue it onto the collars.

Step 5

Print, cut, score, and fold the envelope pieces.

Glue bottom piece tab of the envelope and stick it to the body.

Take the side pieces of the envelope glue tabs and stick it to the sides of the body.

Congratulations, you have now completed an envelope and dress shirt card.