Christmas Pop-up Angel Greeting Card
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Christmas Pop-up Angel Greeting Card Template and Tutorial

Happy Holidays from Paper Chaser TO! Everyone has an angel watching over them whether it be your friend, your folks, significant other or your brother and sister. You can now physically show that with this awesome Christmas angel pop up greeting card. By giving this angel greeting card to them, it will let them know that you are grateful for their presence in your life. Nothing would show it more for Christmas is if you made this greeting card at home for them. Gift this special Christmas greeting card to your family and friends.

Table of Contents:

Materials Needed:

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

Step 1

Cut and score all the pieces from the Christmas Angel pop-up card template.

Step 2

Fold the base down the middle into two sections to create the card.

Step 3

Glue down the angel elements to the angel outline so it brings the Christmas angel card together.

Step 4

Take the angel and fold it upwards at the square.

Then glue the square section of the Christmas angel card to the inside of the card.

Step 5

When you have the inside pasted down, you now glue the top part of the Christmas angel head together.

Step 6

Glue all the mats so you can easily stick them on the Christmas angel card

Now glue the inside card mats on to the square of the Christmas angel card.

Finally, glue the outside card mats to the card.

You have completed the Christmas angel pop-up card.